Repairs in progress by Chaotic Colors

Repairs in progress... I think the machine spirit is pleased with the new look 🙂

Must admit I didn’t trust in my own skills, but threw cation in the Warp, and let the arty fluids flow... seeing the improvement (last picture is first attempt), I will try being a little more adventurous from now on  ;)

My repairs was as follows:

- scrub off grey paint with a toothbrush and water.

- let the model try (of course) 

- apply a Matt varnish as suggested by the always helpful people of the internet :) 

- and the slowly blend from grey to white with: Mechanicus Standard Grey (GW), Celestra Grey (GW) and Ceramite White (GW). 

Chaos is your friend. 

Chaotic Colors


Lesson learned by Chaotic Colors

First I want to say that this is first time I have painted on top of Gloss varnish, so previous clients will not have this problem 😉

Did the mistake of thinking a wash on top of Gloss varnish, was enough to make the next layer of paint stick.

This was a bad call, I now know to always apply a Matt varnish after a Gloss, if I want to continue painting on a model.

This was a hard learned lesson, and I really appreciate the help on the forums!

Now to start on the repairs, and restore the honor of this ancient machine spirit ;)

Chaos gives, and chaos rewards.

Chaos Colors


Knight Color Fail by Chaotic Colors

Okay, so we all know that Chaos is fragile, but I would like to know a little more about what went wrong here to prevent a similar situation.
So please share any knowledge / advice you might have on the matter ;)

My process on the armor plates:
1. Base coat black (Vallejo primer)
2. Electric Blue (Vallejo)
3. Gloss Varnish (Vallejo)
4. Black wash (Vallejo)
Client then decided to change the color of the army to white.
5. Celestra Grey (Citadel)
6. The paint then begin to peal off, and I decided to wash it off with a small soft toothbrush.

The obvious would be to blame the wash underneath, for interacting with the Celestra Grey?
And maybe this could have been prevented with a layer of varnish, before applying the grey? 

Any help will be much appreciated  :)

Embrace the Chaos
Chaotic Colors