New standard! by Chaotic Colors

As a commission painter it can be hard to determine what your “standard quality” is. 

It should come down to time spent vs. pay, and what the client are willing to pay for.

But as I get more comfortable doing things, it only seems natural to increase the quality. And dealing with some of these “eye sores” is the next step.



Typical crack when assembling models with cloth. 


Fixed up a bit with plastic putty (Vallejo) using a damp brush. 


May the Warp be with you!

Space DOES Matter! :) by Chaotic Colors

One thing I have learned after moving, is that having more space DO matter! :D

Here I’m basing while my painting area is clean, and pc hooked up at it’s own place. Before everything was fighting over a 50x100 cm area :P


STC of my Admech Found! by Chaotic Colors

After the final cleaning of my previous work area, I had given up all up on finding my SDcard with pictures of the last Admech commission. But then it turns up all casual like at my new place, after I have searched for it multiple times at both houses haha

Most important is obviously getting models painted, and having a happy client. But I do like to share my work, and now I finally can :)

Chaos is the new order!