D&D Cave tiles by Chaotic Colors

Airbrush is being a turd today, and Didn’t get much sleep (mildly grumpy).

So meditating with my first terrain foam project for my D&D group, and went a little nuts with a 100+ tiles Cavern system 😛

Inspiration taken from Black Magic Craft:


Like him I make the tiles 3x3” (or 7,5cm ). But only make them 5mm thick, so I can save on storage. And I use a textures rolling pen from Green Stuff World for the ground texture.

Not sure if I want to roll it twice in both directions though, to make it look more like ground, or once a preserve the original pattern... what do you guys think?


Imperial Knight - White Warden by Chaotic Colors

First of all... Big thanks to Scumb4g Kustoms for providing the custom made "Sword transfers"!
He is a great guy to work with, and be sure to check out his Facebook page.

I did the armor in one go this time, so definitely learned my lesson from previous knight :)
The shield and banner was the biggest challenges this time, and had to redo them 4 times or so.
Figured out how I like to mask off areas for airbrushing patterns, so shouldn't be that big of a problem next time.

My freehand drawing skills still stinks, and painting those swords myself was a no-go!
A bit embarrassing showing my crappy drawing skills, but this way I learned of Scumb4g Kustoms.

Great model, project and learning experience :)

You can check all the pictures on here: https://www.chaoticcolors.net/space-marines-uncategorized-gallery

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