Tutorial - Base: Cracked Earth (Blue) / by Chaotic Colors

Tutorial - Base: Cracked Earth (Blue)

PS: I do not claim this to be "The Way" of doing cracked earth bases, but how I did mine.
And I promised a tutorial, so here it is ;)

End result was not as I wanted.
I was hoping for bigger cracks, but then that would mean a thicker layer of crackling medium?
Which would then mean bigger chance for flakes falling off?

The process however, are tips gathered from various sources, and should be useful to anyone attempting to make cracked earth bases.
I find that the hard part, when having the process in place, is getting the correct amount of crackling paint on... But this again, depends on how big cracks you want?

This is not a basing method I would recommend to beginners, or for a full army.
Would probably use this method with Agrellan Earth as effects on bases, mixing them in with other basing materials.

However, in this test I used the GW Agrellan Earth, but have would like to try other brands in my next tutorial. Maybe there are some that doesn't flake off the base as easily.
Maybe other brands have less tendency of *flaking off*?

Hope you at least learned some from this, and good luck with doing your own cracked earth bases ;)

Materials used:
Blue paints: Thousand Sons (GW), Ahriman Blue (GW), and Baharroth Blue (GW).
Crackle paint: Agrellan Earth Technical (GW)
Varnish: Mr. Super Clear Matt (Mr. Hobby)